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Grocery Stores


Affiliated Stores: Safeway, Vons, Pavillions, Dominick's, Genuardi's, Carr's, Randall's and Tom Thumb locations across the country.  Prices for the same products will differ between regions and sales circulars will be regional but the major promotions like buy 5 save $5 instantly or the Savings marathon will apply to all of these stores in most cases so it can be helpful to read deal scenarios, blogs and forum postings from any of these stores. Some areas of the country are lucky enough to have stores within this group that double coupons -lucky you. Each store has it's own

Sales Schedule: Weekly ad sales run from Wednesday through Tuesday each week.  Look for occasional Sunday newspaper inserts with additional specials.  Special inserts are also placed for some major Holidays with shorter specials focused on holiday celebrations for example the Fourth of July insert had specials for soda, hot dogs and chips.

Loyalty Program: Safeway has a "Club Card" which is vital to shopping there unless you like paying astronomical grocery prices.  All of their in store coupons and special deals generally state "when you shop with your club card".  The card does keep record of your purchases to track gas rewards etc.

Coupon Policies: Safeway accepts both standard manufacturer coupons and Internet Printable coupons.There is a link to on the which includes some Safeway exclusive coupons.

Safeway's official Internet printed coupn policy HERE

Check your weekly insert for Safeway Store coupons these can be "stacked" with manufacturer coupons. Check the store coupon expiration dates and terms carefully often they require a minimum dollar purchase for the total transaction and may require a certain number of items to be purchased.

$ off $ coupons - On occasion Safeway will mail special coupons to their club card members with coupons for $10 off a $50 purchase.  The $50 amount is before manufacturer coupons so these can be an amazing money saver. See my Safeway Truimph post at the bottom of the homepage to see how effective these coupons can be.  You can find four of these coupons in the Sacramento version of The Entertainment Book.

Stores in my area -Northern California- do not double manufacturer coupons.

In Store Specials: The meat department maintains a "quick sale" area with items marked to 30% or %50% off the package stated price depending on how close it is to the pull date. You can find very good values here as long as you are able to cook or freeze the item within the time frame.  I always check this area first. There are also marked for quick sale items available in the packaged deli area - hot dogs, lunchables, pre pack lunch meat etc.

Catlina Coupons:These are the paper receipt type coupons that print out at the end of your transaction.  They can be manufacturer coupons for specific items or $ off on your next order coupons which are good for anything in the store (excluding alcohol, tobacco, stamps etc).  The Catalina machine is a small printer next to the register, pay attention and make sure to ask for any coupons that print out if the cashier does not hand them to you. These can be very valuble - the $ off is essentially a paper gift certificate.  The manufacturer coupons will often be for items that don't have coupons available in the papers or for higher than usual dollar amounts.  Look for small white tags on shelfs which will tell you "Buy three ----- and receive .75 cents off your next order".  Let's say you are buying canned pineapple and plan to buy just one can but there is a .75 cent ONYO tag on the shelf if you buy three. If it is an item you will use and it's non perishable it only makes sense to buy three and get the bonus as long as the current price is reasonable.  Be Aware Catalina's do have expiration dates.  Slick has a Safeway Forum with a list of current Catalina deals at the front in the form of a Wiki - an excellent resource as these items are not always tagged.

Fuel Rewards: Many Safeway's have fuel stations located in their parking lots.  Fuel reward programs change quarterly and are different in various regions.  The most recent reward program for this area is a cumulative program in which the shopper receives a .10 cent per gallon discount for each $100 dollars spent  - the awards continue to grow until redeemed so if you spend $200 before filling your tank you will get .20 cents off per gallon and so on.  Each transaction accumulates toward your fuel reward unlike the previous program in which a minumum $50 purchase was required to earn any award.  It is relevant if you use the Safeway fuel stations to figure the value of your gas discount into the total cost of your groceries vs. shopping at another store. The site connects to printable coupons including Safeway exclusive store coupons. You can use the online delivery shopping site to check prices and specials.  Each week there are a number of special home delivery deals and often free delivery rewards when you buy certain products or a minumum dollar amount.  The sales cycle for the online order system runs 1 day ahead of the brick and mortar stores. You can use manufacturer coupons with home delivery but it will be taken off after the fact, you will give your coupons to the driver and they will be credited back to your account.  For shoppers who have a difficult time avoiding impulse buys and who place larger orders there is great potential to save money as well as time with home delivery.


Affiliated Stores: Bel Air Markets and Nob Hill Foods - Northern California and Nevada.

Sales Schedule: Weekly Ad Sales run from Wednesday to Tuesday of each week.

Loyalty Program: Raley's does not use a loyalty card program or members only discount sales all prices are the same for all shoppers. However signing up for their weekly Table Talk email newletter will give you access to exclusive e-coupons each week.

Coupon Policies: Raley's accepts both traditonal and Internet printable coupons.  There is a link to printable coupons from their website.  Store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be combined.  They do not double coupons.

Catlina coupons: Raley's stores use the Catalina coupon system and give generous coupons based on current purchases. For example one of our associates reports she has been receiving a $1 off Catalina for Stouffer's easy express meals each time she purchases one - even when she is using a coupon from the previous purchase.

Special Promotions: Raley's stores run special in store promotions like the buy x and get x off instantly. Recent examples of this type of promotion were the buy 4 Keebler cookies and save $4 instantly at the register and buy 5 Quaker products and receive $3 instantly. These can provide significant savings when combined with coupons.

Raley' All three stores share one common website.  There is online shopping and delivery available for a limited number of locations.  However the website can be used to check prices and specials, simply select any location from the drop down menu to access the shop by aisle feature.


Locations: 270 stores in North America and the U.K. Full list HERE.

Format: Whole Foods does not carry the majority of standard national brands. They have strict ingredient standards for certified organic products only and a list of unacceptable ingredients listed HERE as well as vendor conduct requirements. They emphasize local sourcing as much as possible. The store has the full array of departments including bakery, butcher, produce, dairy, household goods, personal care items, floral, wine, general grocery and a large bulk foods section. They also have a significant amount of prepared foods, salad bar, sushi and noodle bar, espresso bar, gelato and taqueria - amenities vary by store.

Sales Schedule: Weekly specials are individual to each local store and can be found on the website - each store has an individual page with link to weekly specials. In addition you will find the weekly The Whole Deal flyer at the front of each store which list weekly specials and includes coupons, recipes and buying guides. You can also subscribe on their web site to have this weekly deals sent to you via e-mail.

Coupon Policies: Whole Foods accepts coupons including internet printable coupons for item they carry. There is an organic foods booklet from Mambo Sprouts that is distributed at Whole Foods ask for it at the customer service counter. See the post HERE for links to many organic foods merchants and coupons.

Weekly Farmers Market: Each Tuesday morning the Roseville Whole Foods hosts a Farmers market as an extension of thier store with outside vendors approved by the company. They seek to encourage purchase of local products and fresh items.

Whole An extensive site with  individual pages devoted to each store, links  to weekly store special, recipes, qualtiy standards, produce tips etc.  No online shopping or delivery is available. Extensive product information.



Locations: Sixty two stores located in California, Idaho, Washington, Nevada and Oregon.

Format: Winco is a warehouse style format but packaging is standard sizes - with larger Family sizes available and no membersip is required .  At Winco you bag your own groceries and there is no car service. It does have the full array of standard supermarket departments including meat, produce,dairy, bakery, money order services and hot Pizza counter. This is an employee owned company.

Payment Forms: Winco accepts cash, checks and debit cards but DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.

Sales Schedule: Winco does not run weekly sales or put out weekly advertisements.

Wall of Value: As you enter the store you will go through a narrow section with the highlighted specials on each side known as the " Wall of Value"  These are very low priced non perishable items - cereal, condiments, snack food, canned fruits and vegetables etc. The prices are competetive with membership stores without having to purchase super sizes.

Coupon Policy: Winco accepts traditional manufacturer coupons only NO INTERNET PRINTABLES. Winco does not double coupons.

Catalina Coupons: Winco does not use the Catalina system.

Loyalty program: None. The website provide basic company information only. There is no price or product information available on line so price shopping has to be done at the store. No online ordering or delivery is available.


Locations: 245 stores in California.

Sales Schedule: Weekly advertisements run from Wedneday through Tuesday. Occasional in ad coupons. SaveMart's marketing niche is to emphasize their "everyday low prices" rather than special sale pricing. However my general observation is that their "everyday low prices" are not better than "sale" prices at Raley's or Safeway.

Coupon Policy: SaveMart accepts both Internet Printable and traditional manufacturer coupons.  Save Mart does not double coupons in the Northern California area.

Catlina Coupons: SaveMart uses the Catalina coupon machine system generating coupons based on current purchases.

Loyalty program: SaveMart does not use a loyalty card for special discounts. The weekly advertisement is available online but you can not comparison shop the entire store as you can with Safeway and Raley's website.  The site has a link to print up coupons. The site also has a function to allow you to create a shopping list and print or email that list as well as saving lists to refer to in the future.

Nugget Markets:

Locations: Small family owned chain headquartered in Woodland, California. 7 stores with  2 in development.

Sales Schedule: Weekly advertisements run from Wednesday through Tuesday.

Coupon Policy: Nugget Markets accept traditional and internet printable coupons. They do not double coupons.

Price Challenge: Nugget is know as a higher end store and perceived to have higher prices however they offer two in store programs intended to dispel that image.The price challenge - buy $100 worth of groceries from their competitors bring it to the store and they will scan through their registers. If the total price is not lower they will give the shopper twice the price differenceand $10.

Scoreboard: At the front of the store a board displays how many customers and employees have taken the challenge and how many time Nugget has come out ahead.

Loyalty Program: Nugget does not have a loyalty discount program.

Community: Nuggest allows shoppers to donate 3% of of grocery purchases to local non profits via the Scrip program and 1% through the Friendship club. : Weekly ads and specials are available on line. Locations, general information, recipes and in store events are also detailed on the website. There is no online shopping or delivery available.

Fresh to Market: Nugget's bi-weekly email newsletter. Sign up at to receive it.

In Store Services: Large array of organic produce and meats. Full service butcher, in store espresso bar, hot kitchen items pizza, chinese, made to order sandwich and deli bar, extensive gourmet cheese department with tasting and knowledgable staff, sommelier, soup and salad bar, bakery, gelato bar.


Food 4 Less:









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Save Mart Coupon policy
written by Jonny, 27 April, 2010
So, my wife just tried to use a printed manufacture coupon for Save Mart and they told her they don't accept printed coupons! Is this a new policy? Where can I find their current policy?

Thanks for this website!
Winco Now Accepts Internet Coupons! Woohoo!
written by Mari, 26 January, 2010
I found your website very informative and useful. Keep up the good work.I shop at the Winco off Sheldon/Hwy99 and used internet printed coupons and am thrilled because their prices are some of the lowest in our area.Hope this helps others.

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